Santa Cupcakes

Around Thanksgiving, I wanted to make some cute turkey cupcakes, but we ran out of time. So my mom suggested that we make a cute Christmas something or other, and we found these Santa cupcakes. They were easy to make (we made them with my sisters and cousin and they had fun too!), and I think they're really cute! We made the chocolate cupcakes that we almost always use for our cute cupcakes. And we made buttercream frosting to go on top of the cupcakes. In addition to the … [Read more...]

Sheep Cupcakes (and a Marshmallow Fluff Frosting recipe)

When we were looking for animal cupcake ideas, we found these lamb cupcakes on the Land O' Lakes site.  But the day we found them, we didn't have gumdrops, so we had to wait to make them. The recipe called for thin black licorice to make the ears and legs, but we couldn't find any.  So, our sheep have no ears or legs.  We don't really mind that they don't have legs, but we do wish they had ears.  If we make them again, we'll check more stores to see if we can find thin black licorice. I … [Read more...]

Monster Cupcakes (or What To Make When Nothing Else Is Working Out)

This week, we planned to make some cute animal cupcakes, but we didn't have the right things to make the eyes for either cute animal! (we need to buy some mini chocolate chips and some other things) We looked and looked on the internet to find an idea we could do, but none of the ideas worked out for us. Finally we tried making a ladybug cupcake, but it looked like a pink monster. So, Sonia and Zoe and I decided to make one-eyed monster cupcakes, using candy eyeballs, marshmallows, … [Read more...]

Bunny Cupcakes

We originally planned to make a different kind of animal cupcake, but accidentally baked regular-sized cupcakes instead of the mini-sized ones the recipe called for. Whoops. So, we looked through my cookbook and found bunny cupcakes.  We didn't have all of the decorations the book listed, but we made do with what we had in the house! I think they turned out cuter than the ones in the cookbook and it was fun to make them. I especially liked piping the frosting on the ears and making … [Read more...]