Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Macaroons

A while back my mom and I were discussing what gluten-free treats could be brought to a gathering and my mom remembered that macaroons are naturally gluten-free. So, we tried a Baking Illustrated recipe, which turned out macaroons that were pretty tasty, but were more like a meringue or egg white cookie than the dense, gooey macaroons we hoped for. (Joshua thought they were really good, though!) Then we found another recipe online which used sweetened condensed milk and that helped to … [Read more...]

Super Easy Shortbread

One day, I wanted to have a tea party with Sonia and Zoe and our friend, but we didn't have any tea cookies.  So, my mom suggested that we make shortbread. I had never had shortbread before, so I was a little surprised at how not sweet it was.  But it was great with tea and it tastes really buttery.  I'll definitely make this again when I need a tea cookie. Here's how to make shortbread. Of course, first you'll need to preheat the oven...325 °F is the right temperature for this … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Yesterday, my mom told me that Pi Day (3.14) was coming up, and she thought we should make a pie (pi?) for my blog.  We decided to make something nice and easy, because it was last minute. Pie crust isn't my favorite thing in the world and my mom doesn't really love it either, so we made a pie that doesn't have a crust.  This is like a really big chocolate chip cookie, so if you like chocolate chip cookies and you don't like pie, this is perfect for you. To make this, first preheat your … [Read more...]

Super Easy Gluten-Free Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

We were looking for something really easy to make this week (animal cupcakes aren't that quick!), and we found a recipe for peanut butter cookies that has only 4 ingredients. I love peanut butter, so that's why I wanted to make these. These are the easiest thing I've made so far, and they tasted so good.  They're soft and peanut-buttery, and I was really surprised that they tasted so good without any flour. (note from Kristen: We're not a gluten-free family by any stretch of the … [Read more...]